Margaret Agnew
Michael Beacham
Derek Blakely
Chris Buller (Treasurer/Maintenance)
Pauline Buller (Secretary/Grants and Courses)
Suzanne Cochrane
Alison Gawith
Fernando Gutierrez (IT and Information Officer)
Bobbie Hamill
Andrea Huff
Matt Hull (Vice-Chairman)
Pat McAdams
Fiona Maree (Marketing/PR)
Susan McCavigan
Anne Miskelly
Kerry Quinn
Walter Robertson
Lewis Trevithick (Chairman)
David Twigg

Custodial Trustees
Michael Best
John Buller
Mark Campbell
Mandy Clydesdale
Alan Collingdale
Katherine Lloyd
Alan McKeown
Andrea Huff

Other Volunteers with speciality skills:
Ruth Macauley (Booking Secretary)
Carol Redpath (Vulnerable person + Child protection Officer)
Many thanks to Leah Greene from Taekwondo for continuing to act as
First Aid Officer at events.

Thanks to Matt Hull for organising the heating and also setting out for classes and courses and to Sheila Hull who cleans the hall and keeps it sparkling.

The Committee still needs more local people who have an interest in their community and who may also have some skills they can offer to the group. If you would like to help out, please contact us.