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Virtual Book Club

Book Club continues on-line.The books chosen by Book Club for February are: Big Girl Small Town by Michelle Gallen and Actress by Anne Enright. Happy reading, everyone.

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Are you interested in a Gardening Club?

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What's On in Aghalee Village Hall

Almost all the regular groups have restarted at the hall. The Youth Group may reopen before Christmas, keep checking our page. Book Club will continue on-line and Needlecraft Club will review the situation in January 2021. What's On in Aghalee Village Hall Sept 2020

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AGM for Year End 31/12/2019

In January 2020 the date of 18th March was set as the draft date for the AGM. In February plans had been made and everything put in place to hold the AGM as planned. The accounts had been prepared and independently inspected and everything was in order for the AGM. In the February meeting the accounts were proposed, seconded, adopted and along with the Annual Report for 2019, subsequently entered onto the Charity Commission website as required by law. In March the AGM was postponed as the country went into lockdown. We contacted CCNI and were advised to try and continue to hold meetings when it was safe to do so. After consideration and discussion among the Committee, it was agreed and minuted that the Committee would continue to hold meetings, mainly by email over 2020. In the event, it held 3 physical meetings (Constitutional requires that at least 2 meetings are held). Because we continued to keep in touch by email and record everything we are compliant with CCNI requirements.

Download 2019 Annual Report HERE.

Download 2019 Signed Accounts HERE

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AGM for Year End 31/12/2020

The plan is to hold an AGM in 2021, although this will not happen in March as it does normally; it is expected it will be held by 31st August 2021.

The Charity Commission NI has confirmed it would not expect a charity to hold the 2020 AGM, before it holds its 2021 AGM. Given the Covid-19 emergency it has suggested that the two AGM’s are combined and consolidated into one, with a clear note explaining that due to the pandemic the 2020 AGM could not be held. The 2021 AGM will cover any issues that would have been dealt at the 2020 AGM. The 2021 AGM can also record what was achieved and what was not achieved over the two years, again with a note about the impact of Covid-19.   As for the 2019 accounts, as these have already been adopted by email due to Covid-19, so there is no need to do so again at AGM. There is a clear note that adopting them by email was in response to the pandemic and this will suffice. The Annual report and accounts for year ending 31/12/20 are currently with the Accountant being independently inspected and will be sent to the Committee for proposal and seconding. All things being equal they will be brought to the 2020 AGM for adoption and then submitted to CCNI in the usual manner.

Download 2020 Annual Report HERE.

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Advertise your business
in the Aghalee Village Hall Newsletter!

Produced twice a year, Summer and Winter editions, 1,000 copies of the Aghalee Village News are distributed to homes in the village and surrounding area. Contact: or phone 028 9265 2571.

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Please DO NOT put PPE into your recycling bin – Council will not collect the bin!

Warning About Scams – You Do Not Have to Pay

for a Covid Vaccine!

NHS Covid-19 Vaccine FACT CHECK

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Lisburn Advice Centre

Lisburn Advice Centre for anyone needing help and advice.Lisburn Community Advice

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Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council

Do the right thing right now and clean up after your dog

We know that adults and children are walking their dogs more frequently during the current lockdown. Sadly, this has brought a huge increase in dog fouling incidents.
Dog fouling is antisocial and a health hazard. And leaving dog mess behind could leave you with a fixed penalty fine of £80. It is YOUR responsibility to clean up after YOUR dog. Do not leave a mess for everyone else.£80 Fine if you faik to Scoop the Poop after your dog.

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Covid Support Hub for Aghalee, Aghagallon and Ballinderry.

If you can't work for the next 4 weeks, or if you've been made redundant or are struggling with reduced income due to Covid, please get in touch. You still have all the usual bills to pay and we can help with food while you do this. Don't feel embarrassed - no judgement here - just a helping hand if you need it. Your request will be treated in strictest confidence.

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