Still on Lockdown?

We have no date yet for re-opening and are working through all the paperwork in readiness to have a phased re-open when able. Safety equipment and signage are being purchased and placed over the next month. Numbers are severely reduced, with 10 maximum allowed in The Loft, 30 in the Main Hall and 9 in the Paul Green Hall. We will not be able to run the same level of programmes but it is hoped we will have the regular groups and a few others, with reduced numbers, until legislation allows more. 

We are very grateful for the funding we have received to help us run the Covid-19 programme and are seeking funding to help us post-Covid to re-open and run a few others. 

The temporary, emergency foodbank will move into the Paul Green Hall until December when it is imagined the funding will run out.

If anyone needs help or advice please contact us via Facebook, by email: Aghalee.vhall@btinternet.com or by calling the Secretary on 02892 651825. Stay safe, follow the PHA advice and keep washing your hands! New Coronovirus Recovery Timeline from the Executive dated 6th July.

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Social Distancing Rules STILL Apply

Lovely to see so many people out and about now the rules have been relaxed a little. Please just remember - Social Distancing Rules STILL apply, especially when out exercising in groups in the playing fields. Please continue to take care.

REMEMBER the playing fields are open for exercise BUT please take your rubbish home or use the bins. The children’s play park IS CLOSED - nobody should be inside the fence.


Social distancing rules STILL apply

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Remember - You can contact us for support:

  • If you are unable to go out and get food and have no family or friends who can help them do this
  • If you are in financial difficulty as a result of Covid-19 (being paid off etc)
  • If you are lonely and need a chat
  • If you need food orders or prescriptions delivered.


Pauline 07936 228917 Fiona 07725 355899 or Sarah 07872 175962

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Over the course of the past few months, you have all very generously volunteered to help some of our most vulnerable residents in the community by delivering groceries from several of our local shops and delivery of prescriptions from the pharmacy, deliveries of food parcels and even just a daily or weekly caring phone call or visit. The majority of this work was essential, especially at the beginning of the lockdown when these people were completely cut off from the rest of the community with many having no other means of support. The Chairman and Committee of Aghalee Village Hall wish to offer you a massive thank you for all the support and time you have given the COVID-19 Community Group over the past months and for all the hard work - you never let us down! Even though the workload has lessened over the past couple of weeks, many of you are continuing to call and visit your charges as many friendships have blossomed, which is just wonderful. Hopefully, when life returns to some sort of normality we will all find our lives have been enriched by the comradeship of working together as a community to help the most vulnerable and those in need. On behalf of everyone you helped, thank you all!

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Aghalee Surgery Patient Notice.

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Clean Up after Your Dog.

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